The Affinity Answers Program Partners with Holbrook Auto Parts to Help a Senior at Christmas Following the Loss of her Home


Detroit, Michigan– Last April Toni Cowart watched everything she owned go up in flames. Her neighbor’s home caught on fire and it quickly spread to her residence. Cowart escaped the fire as it engulfed everything she owned, her neighbor wasn’t as lucky: He died in the blaze.

Fast forward eight months and Cowart is still trying to rebuild her life. Living on a fixed income, she turned to the Our Lady of Refuge food pantry for help making ends meet. Suzanne Barcewicz, the Director of Christian Service at the church, reached out to the Affinity Answers program for help making Cowart’s Christmas special. “Toni Cowart literally lost every worldly possession she had in the fire. St. Vincent de Paul helped her find immediate housing, but she still needs everything lost – from pots and pans to clothing. I knew the Affinity Answers program could help meet some of her immediate needs.”

After hearing of Cowart’s tragedy, Chris Zayid, the founder of the Affinity Answers program felt he needed to step in. “Our family owns two businesses serving the elderly population in the tri-county area. We provide medical and non-medical home care for seniors. Our passion for the senior population led us to create “Affinity Answers” which unites business to help seniors in need.” Last month, the Affinity Answers partnered with Clean Eats Michigan to bring nutritious, organic, premade dinners to a senior that was unable to prepare daily meals.” Zayid continued, “When we heard about Toni Cowart’s fire, we knew we wanted to step in and provide her a new wardrobe for the winter. However, when we reached out to her, we learned that her vehicle had broken down and she was unable to pay for the repairs.” 

The Affinity Answers program partnered with Holbrook Auto Parts who immediately towed her van to their service station located off of West McNichols in Detroit. Bryan Fick, Holbrook’s Sales Director, noted, “We are the oldest auto parts and service station in Detroit and we, as a company, take great pride in being involved in the community. We heard that Ms. Cowart needed transportation to get to and from doctor appointments, so we immediately offered our services. We replaced her tires, windshield, rear shocks, rear brakes, repaired doors mechanics, and provided an oil change and tune up.” Holbrook Auto Parts did not stop there, they also had her van detailed. “We are a growing company and hold family at the heart of our operations. We are happy to help – especially at Christmas.” 

Zayid stated, “Our seniors are a wealth of knowledge and experience. We can all learn so much from them. By companies in our community working together we can help make sure they are taken care of  in their golden years.”  

About ‘Affinity Answers’

‘Affinity Answers’ is a pioneering program from Affinity Senior Care, designed to extend support to the elderly, beyond traditional senior care services. The initiative focuses on providing practical, compassionate solutions, free of cost, to enhance the lives of seniors. Each month, ‘Affinity Answers’ will proactively identify and assist elderly individuals in the community who require physical, emotional, or social support. For those interested in partnering on the ‘Affinity Answers’ program through sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at 248-657-7674. Additionally, if you are aware of any seniors in need of assistance, we encourage you to reach out with details via email, using the subject line “Affinity Answers,” at

About Affinity Senior Care and Affinity Home Care Agency

Affinity Senior Care specializes in non-medical home care for seniors, also known as private duty care, offering a range of services to help the elderly age with independence and dignity in the comfort of their home. 

Dr. Jerry Zayid, a respected Podiatrist in Michigan’s healthcare community, founded Affinity Home Care Agency in 2006 to provide medical home care. This was the first of two family companies which laid the foundation for services that aim to create a supportive and caring environment for the elderly. Established in 2012, Affinity Senior Care, under the combined visionary guidance of Dr. Zayid and the dynamic leadership of his son, Chris Zayid, focuses on catering to the nonmedical needs of individuals over 55.

Today, the Affinity Family of Companies stand as a fundamental pillar within Michigan’s elderly community, delivering exceptional in-home senior care services.

About Holbrook Auto Parts

Holbrook Auto Parts is Detroit’s oldest automotive parts supplier. With 7 locations in and around metro Detroit, and 3 more opening in 2024, Holbrook provides both new and used parts to mechanics, DIYers and repair shops. Holbrook also operates 2 salvage yards, a tire and glass shop, and a repair canter with multiple bays. 

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