Mark Campbell – Caregiver of the Year!

A people person, Affinity Senior Care staff Mark Campbell enjoys learning about his clients, their families, and life experiences. He takes great pride in his role as a caregiver and feels joy in being a source of support and companionship to his many aging clients.

Mark was chosen as the “Caregiver of the Year” by the Affinity Senior Care management after learning of his selfless and considerate action towards an elderly client during a crisis.

Mark was off duty when he received a distress call from his client’s elderly wife, who shared that her husband had fallen at the end of their driveway and needed help getting up and walking home. Despite the late hour (11 pm), Mark immediately drove to the client’s house for their assistance. He ensured the client was safe and sound before taking his leave.

With a pleasant smile, Mark shares his thoughts on the incident, “I have become very close with them and just wanted to be there to help both of them. My time at Affinity has helped me understand that caregiving is not just a job, nor is it about compensation; it is really about helping people.”

We are so proud to have Mark as part of our care team, who, through their actions, emulate Affinity Senior Care’s motto – “Compassion is at the Heart of our Care.”

Thank you, Mark, for the Compassion, Dignity, and Respect you show your clients!

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