I promised my parents I would never put them in a nursing home

Caregiving is a rewarding job, but can also get very demanding soon. It is common to feel a solid commitment to caring for elderly parents at home instead of seeking professional homecare help or using nursing care facilities. 

While we take on the role of a caregiver out of love and care, the pressure ramps up as the intensity of the care increases. Managing caregiving duties and other personal and professional responsibilities becomes challenging. If you can relate to this and struggle to care for your loved ones, you are not alone. It is time to admit that you need additional help. You can look for other options, including hiring in-home care services or enrolling your loved one in adult daycare. 

Opting for in-home care can provide several benefits for seniors, including maintaining independence and remaining in a familiar home environment. It helps you stay true to your promise of not leaving your parents in a nursing home and also allows you some respite from caregiving. If your parents can live at home with the help of home care services, this could be a good option. 

Adult daycare is another viable option for your loved ones. They can provide a social environment and support services that can improve participants’ overall well-being. At an adult daycare center, seniors and adults with disabilities can participate in exercise classes, art and craft projects, and educational lectures. 

Yet, your parent’s care needs may change over time. There might come a time when in-home and adult day care can’t meet all their needs. Even the cost of such assistance may become unaffordable over time. In such a scenario, there is only one choice: nursing care. This might not be your preferred choice, but it would ensure they receive the best care in a comfortable setting. 

Make sure you have an open conversation with your loved ones before deciding. Let them know why you think a nursing care facility is the best way forward and how you have their best interest at heart. Don’t be ashamed of admitting your humanity. Honor the spirit of your promise by doing the best you can for your mom and dad.

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