Hospital to Home

What is Hospital to Home care

Hospital to home care involves making sure that a suitable level of support is in place to help older people return house after a hospital stay. Typically, hospital discharge will only take place if the senior returning home can do so safely with the ideal care in place. It is particularly crucial for individuals dealing with a cognitive impairment such as dementia to return home immediately since the unfamiliar environment of a hospital can create confusion or disorientation.

Affinity Senior Care

The first day when anyone is in the hospital in the rehab, that’s when you start searching for the appropriate home care company. That gives you a few weeks to be able to do research and interviews. At Affinity Senior Care, we offer you our free house care guide. We give you the questions to ask to choose the best home care service even if you don’t deal with us.

When you go to the discharge planner and you tell them that I intend to choose Affinity Senior Care as my home care service provider, two weeks prior to the discharge, you mentally prepare yourself. By doing this, when the patient returns, you have a game plan.

The second part after picking a home care service is a home safety check. You need to set up or book an assessment for a home safety check. You cannot set up home care unless the home is completely safe. The home needs to be evaluated to make sure that it’s a safe environment for the caretaker as well as a safe environment for the patient. We do a whole assessment of the home to ensure that everything is going to be ideal when your loved one is returning from the hospital.

If you are looking for skilled home health care, choose Affinity Home Care Agency. We have many caregivers so that we can provide the best possible match for your loved one. If you would like to get started, you can contact the owner directly via email at or call us today at 248-363-8430.