Five Easy Indoor Exercises for Seniors to Stay Active in Winter

Five Easy Indoor Exercises for Seniors to Stay Active in Winter

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But staying active is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let’s get some post-workout glow!

Did you know just a couple of minutes of moderate aerobics can leave you with a feel-good afterglow for up to 12 hours? Just what Santa and the doctor ordered to beat the winter blues.

The changing weather patterns – from snowy to rainy to icy cold – can get frustrating for your aged, loved ones, and caregivers to predict or schedule their outdoor activities. And staying cooped up inside can lead to depression and sadness.

Here are five simple indoor exercises perfect for seniors to maintain their balance, strength, and mobility.

1. Walking on the spot
Limited space? Slippery floors? Put all the excuses to rest – get up and do a low-intensity march on the spot to their favorite song or beat. If marching sounds like a chore, invent some easy-to-follow dance moves to your loved one’s favorite holiday song. Who knows, they might be the next TikTok star!

2. Helping with household chores
According to a study published in the Neurology journal, even simple house chores li ke dusting, chopping onions, or folding the laundry can make a huge difference in our cognitive abilities. How about letting your loved one help you prep the family favorite mince pies or Christmas cake this festive season?

3. Light body-weight training
Strength training is a great way to work on your loved one’s mobility. Get them to do low-intensity body-weight training such as simple wall push-ups, low squats, arm curls or stretches with 3oz or 7oz bottles of water, and light stretches with resistance bands or your stretchy old pajamas.

4. Chair sit-ups and toe stands
A good balance is essential to prevent the risk of falling and injury. Follow these two easy exercises to work on your loved one’s balance. Sit in a chair, back straight, arms raised and parallel to the floor, slowly stand up without assistance, sit down. Repeat 8 to 10 times, rest 30 seconds to a minute, and follow with another set  of 8 to 10 repetitions.

Another option is to stand behind the chair, take the backrest as support, and try to stand on the toes. Keep alternating between staying on the ground and standing on raised toes. Do 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions each.

5. Play catch
Use a softball to play throw and catch with the elderly family member. A game of catch can help to improve their hand-eye coordination as well as the reaction time.

Maintain a combination of a few of these exercises in your loved one’s daily schedule to keep them active. Stay consistent with the program and watch your loved one getting healthy and happy.

At Affinity, we specialize in 24-hour senior care. Our caregivers can assist with daily tasks such as mobility, medication reminders, eating (including meal prep), exercising, and personal care (grooming and bathing). If you are looking for additional support to meet the changing needs of your family member, please reach out to us at: or call Affinity at 248-363-8430.