Employee of The Month – Nikki Graven

January 2021 Employee of the Month: Nikki Graven

We are starting off 2021 by highlighting a wonderful new employee at Affinity Senior Care. Nikki Graven is our Employee of the Month for January 2021. Nikki started working for Affinity Senior Care in November 2020 as a caregiver. She is a retired nurse and paramedic. What amazing skills to have as a caregiver! Nikki wanted to continue her passion for helping people that started when she was a little girl. It was that gift that led her to the medical field as a profession.

Nikki loves listening to all her clients’ stories. She loves hearing about their families, careers, travels, and their favorite memories. Sometimes it is this kind and sincere listening ear that people need most. This is what Nikki loves most about her newfound career as a caregiver. One of the challenges that she tries to overcome is when someone might be a little set in their ways. She gently tries to encourage a different way of doing something, or a new treatment that a doctor may suggest. Again, she uses her wonderfully tuned listening skills to help her clients. Nikki loves the feeling she gets when she is helping people.

In her free time, Nikki Graven loves to travel. She has been to the mountains, Costa Rica, South America, and the Middle East. I’m sure she is eagerly planning her next trip! Her pride and joy are her 2 adult children. She has a 32-year-old daughter that has followed mom’s lead and is a nurse.  She also has a 26-year-old son that is an engineer.

Affinity Senior Care congratulates you, Nikki Graven on being selected as our first Employee of the Month for 2021! Welcome to the Affinity Family! We are so happy you have joined the team!

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