Employee of The Month – Latoya Hazelwood

March 2021 Employee of the Month: Latoya Hazelwood

Our family at Affinity Senior Care would like to introduce to you March’s Caregiver of the Month: Latoya Hazelwood! Latoya has worked at Affinity since September of 2020 and started working in the healthcare field in 1998. The reason she went in this direction is because a majority of her family worked in this field and she wanted to follow in their footsteps. She also works with her mother, Janice, here at Affinity.

Throughout her time at Affinity, Latoya has met many new people and loves that she gets to make her client’s lives better, which are her two favorite parts of her job. She is surprised at the amount of people that do not have their family to lean on and is happy that she gets to be like a family to them. She is there, by her client’s side, every step of the way, and gives extra help to make sure they know they will not fall with her there. Being able to support her clients and being able to maintain their independence is another thing Latoya is happy she is able to do. Being a value to Affinity and her clients make her feel appreciated and shows her that she means a lot to them.

Outside of working, Latoya loves to read and, most of all, spend time with her family. They are very close and take family vacations and have family dinners as well. She has 3 children and 2 grandchildren, which she absolutely adores. While she doesn’t have any pets, she has always loved monkeys and has a stuffed monkey that is over 20 years old! Whenever she goes on vacation, she looks to add another monkey to her collection. Latoya plans to go back to school in the future to further her education in the healthcare field.

Congratulations, Latoya Hazelwood, on being our Caregiver of the Month for March, 2021. Thank you for all that you do at Affinity Senior Care and we are excited to see where this takes you. Welcome to the Family!