Holistic Registered Dietitian and Owner of Vitality Nutrition, Mitali Kapila in conversation with Affinity Senior Care CEO Chris Zayid on his podcast show Connecting the Community with Chris.

Nourishing Your Life: A Deep Dive into Holistic Health with Mitali Kapila

In this engaging episode of “Connecting the Community with Chris,” we welcome the passionate Mitali Kapila, owner of Vitality Nutrition.

Specializing in a holistic, personalized approach to health and well-being, Mitali enlightens us on the vital role nutrition plays from birth to old age.

Join Chris and Mitali as they explore the philosophy that places nutrition at the cornerstone of life, discover the root cause approach of functional medicine, and learn how our daily choices lead us on a path toward wellness or illness.

It’s a feast of insights, nourishing both body and mind!

Watch the full podcast and or read the transcript below.

Chris: Hello! Welcome to Connecting the Community with Chris. We have an exciting podcast today with a special guest – Mitali Kapila. Mitali is the owner of Vitality Nutrition. She specializes in holistic, personalized approach to health and healing. Her philosophy centers around an holistic approach to nutrition health and healing.

Welcome to our show!

Mitali: Thank you Chris. I’m so excited to be here today.

Chris: Thank you. We’re excited to have you.

So, I want to go into the first question that’s really important, is really is, what is the philosophy about nutrition?

Mitali: What is my philosophy is that nutrition is the cornerstone of your life. So, from the time you’re born, until the time you die, you do nutrition every single day, several times a day. So, what you put in your mouth actually takes you towards the path of illness or wellness, and nutrition plays the most important role in healthy aging as well.

Chris: It’s the cornerstone of everything. I feel just as much as we want to practice sleeping well and you know, the whole wellness is really important. So, that’s what I really want to dive into, is just the wellness of life.

And so, what is functional medicine in your eyes?

Mitali: Yeah, so, functional medicine or functional nutrition. So, functional nutrition is a part of functional medicine, so, it really is about the root cause approach. So, when a patient or a client comes to me, we really take a deep dive into what is causing, so, that why is the biggest thing. Why and how, why, what is the problem, what is causing that problem? Instead of just putting a Band-Aid on the symptom.

So, that why it is very important. So, we break it down into, when you are feeling well last, and how these things just kind of cropped up, one thing led to the other. So, it is a root cause approach versus putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms.

Chris: Yeah, and I’m sure you come across that a lot of your clients, is that you know, they’ve been doing the system first, whatever they’ve been doing for so many years, it’s just you know, you need to find a different approach and so that’s really great.

There are some key principles. And so, what are the key principles of Integrative Functional Medicine in nutritional therapy?

Mitali: Yeah, so just like I said, you know, that it is the root cause approach. So, if someone wants to come to me for say heart problems or elevated cholesterol and they don’t want to be on statins, right, so, then we create this tailor-made personalized diet plan for them.

So, there is no one glove fit all. We don’t give them just a handout on something or even count calories or that kind of things, right? So, we are more intuitive, right?

So, there will be a three-step approach that I do. So, in my clinic we do follow the philosophy of the Integrative Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy. We do a personalized diet plan with foods that are going to help them heal from within. It’s not just putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms.

So, first is the personalized plan for them. Again, it has to work for them, we don’t give them something that they are not able to work with.

Second is going to be natural remedy. So, we do use professional nutritional supplements in conjunction with that personalized plan. So, sometimes diet alone is not enough. Diet alone cannot heal or fix the imbalance that’s already there, so, then we have to use those professional dietary supplements or natural remedies in conjunction with that personalized plan to create that healing.

And then the third major segment is the lifestyle. So, in the lifestyle we look at your physical activity, your stress, and we also teach how to do stress resilience, because we are all a very stressed-out community as a whole. So, we look at the whole lifestyle, where do you stand right now, and how we can change that lifestyle.

So, each part of these three segments – the diet, the natural remedies, and the lifestyle, all three are equally same.

Chris: Yes, if one is off balance, it can affect the other.

Mitali: Yes. And one more very important part is looking at Labs. So, we look at Labs, we look at Labs through blood work, stool test, saliva test, hair test. So, we do all of that. So, as much as possible we work in collaboration with the Physicians too. If the Physicians are able to draw their blood work, we try to do that as much as possible. And whatever is not available through the physician, so, we have certain Advanced Panels, Advanced tests, then we do that, and that is your fourth segment. But first, we implement the diet, the natural remedies, the lifestyle change first.

And I’m going to tell you Chris, nine out of ten of my patients, all of their health problems will be resolved and they’re going to start seeing an improvement, and as quickly as 10 days.

Chris: Nine out of ten.

Mitali: Nine out of ten. I’m not kidding here, so, nine out of ten, they are going to get better with using those three segments. And if we are not seeing that they are not getting to where we would like to see them, then we implement those Advanced Functional Testing.

Chris: And scaling them by checking their blood and making sure to see if we want to get to normal levels, right? But also, to get to a really good, healthy, stable, you know, mindset and also to habits.

Mitali: Yeah, that’s all that mindset, the habits, all of that come into the lifestyle, right? So, we really emphasize on how you start your day. So, we work out a morning routine for you, then we also do a night routine for you. So, these routines, your daily routines, they’re very strong, and that’s what creates those healthy habits.

Chris: Sure, I’m assuming everyone starts seeing results, and that is something that you want to sustain for them, continuously, not just this crash diet you have to follow.

Mitali: Yeah, so it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle and it’s a eating pattern, it’s a way of life, it’s not a diet. And then Chris, this all may sound complicated to someone who’s not been introduced to functional nutrition and functional medicine, but I’m going to tell you, that I make it very very simple for the client. It has to be doable, otherwise it’s going to fail.

Chris: So, you just go back to the routine and their habits, and we all get stressed right, so it can’t be that we’re gonna go dive into the pantry and go grab a cookie every time we get stressed. We have to have a better mindset.

Mitali: As a stress response, yes.

Chris: Yeah, and stress also increases everything else going on in our body in a negative way.

And so, in the news today we are hearing the importance of gut health and preventative disease as well too. So, let’s talk about that. What is actually gut health?

Mitali: So, in functional nutrition and functional medicine everything stems from the gut. So, when a client comes to me for any health condition, be it weight loss, be it heart health, be it autoimmune, be it hormonal imbalance, we always assess their gut health first. So, we look at you know, if there is any presence of any kind of symptoms like bloating, belching, flatulence, acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, things like that.

And even if in the absence of any of these conditions that I just spoke about, you know, just the process of normal aging and dealing with day-to-day life stress can create, you know, an imbalance in your gut. Okay, so, we do a clinical assessment first to see where they stand with their gut health.

If they have presence of any of these conditions that I just mentioned and if they have had chronic stress and if they’ve been on lots and lots of medications or surgeries, so then, they might have, you know, an impaired gut function and even if they don’t know about it.

Chris: It is like your body is telling you, you know, if you do have gut problems, by all those symptoms. If you’re probably living exactly in a, you know, not healthy daily life, you’re probably, I mean if you have to go to the bathroom all the time, constantly, or there’s heart burn all the time, your body’s gonna talk to you.

Mitali: Exactly! So, that’s a telltale sign and symptom that there is absolutely a gut problem going on.

Chris: And that could be changed!

Mitali: Absolutely and it’s easy!

Chris: It doesn’t mean you have to live this life all the time, you can actually alter it.

Mitali: You can do few things, that’s what we talk about those routines, that you can actually preserve your gut health or improve it.

Chris: So, what diseases and root causes do you improve by improving your gut health? What are you doing to be able to help improve your clients right now?

Mitali: So, like I said, you know, you are not what you eat, you are what you absorb. So, gut health means you should be able to really optimize the nutrient or nutrition absorption from your food. So, that means that the health of your intestinal membrane, okay. So, that intestinal membrane is a semi-permeable membrane, so, when you go through, when you’re taking lots of medications, you’ve got any kind of chronic health problem, you’ve gone through stress, then that semi-permeable membrane, you know, that permeability increases. So, we say increased permeability, it’s increased intestinal permeability.

So, when that happens and it’s a normal aging process as well, so, when that happens, you’re not able to absorb your nutrition. So, you can put the best supplements, best foods, but you’re not absorbing, you’re not optimizing that nutrition absorption, you’re not maximizing.

Chris: You are not maximizing that ingredient that your body needs.

Mitali: Exactly! So, it’s not getting absorbed into the cells, into the mitochondria of your cells, so then you’re lethargic.

Chris: The mitochondria is so important right, that’s creation of the cells.

Mitali: That’s the Powerhouse that is inside the cell. Mitochondria resides inside of your cells. And then another important aspect of gut health is that something called your microbiome, okay, your gut microbiome. That’s another great buzzword these days. But what does that microbiome really mean?

The microbiome means that you have friendly bugs and not so friendly bugs in your gut. So, you have more of the DNA of the bugs in your body than your own DNA.

Chris: Unfriendly ones are causing the problems?

Mitali: So, if there is dysbiosis, dysbiosis means the unfriendly or the bad bugs population go up and the good bug population comes down, that’s dysbiosis. That’s when you can start to see all of this bloating, belching, flatulence, all of this, and also your craving for unhealthy food goes up exponentially. So, it’s not your fault, it’s the bad bugs that are sending you those crave signals, because they thrive on the packaged processed foods, right, and the good bugs thrive on the whole foods that we’re going to be talking about.

Chris: And so, that’s why it’s imperative to make sure what you’re putting into your body, you know, into control all the symptoms that you’re perceiving.

So, like now, seniors are important. We specialize in it. I do and you do. And it’s really something that we want to make sure that we can give our viewers important information.

So, what is important for seniors to have a healthy diet?

Mitali: So, there is you know certain nutrients that become like very key nutrients for the aging population, right. So, basically again, going back to the cornerstone of the gut health, we need to have a very strong intestinal membrane that is able to absorb all the nutrients. So, the nutrients need to be absorbed into the cells. Certain nutrients like protein, right, so they have protein, calcium, vitamin D, all of these vitamins are very very important. All the B vitamins, the folate, these are all very important for the, you know, brain function, to not lose too much muscle, because these are all the common problems, and to not lose calcium from your bones, to lead to osteopenia or osteoporosis. So, these are all the common problems. We want to make sure that you have a healthy gut that is able to absorb the nutrients from your healthy diet.

Chris: And it sounds so simple, right, but a lot of people, they constantly are not eating the right foods, it’s causing them to feel this way. I’m assuming that’s what you see most of the time.

Mitali: So, we optimize the gut function, so they are able to absorb the nutrients from the healthy diet. So, when we are creating a healthy diet for a senior, then we see what problems they are facing. There are certain common problems like sarcopenia that is age-related muscle loss. So, we make sure there is a well-balanced diet, like it’s got adequate protein, fiber for gut health, right, it’s got the vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, all of those things. So, we create wholesome plan for them, right. Again, one glove does not fit all, because each individual has their own unique issues or capabilities or living conditions.

Chris: So, they could trigger, really, you’re visiting your parents and they are slowly aging, and you start to see that they’re complaining about all these conditions all the time, and so you really have to dive into the most important pillar of all is that what are they eating, what are they putting into their body, and it could possibly change their life. Everyone wants their parents to be healthy, but also live a long life, but not in agony too. So, I know a lot of seniors, we always try to, sometimes I notice is that, we say, “oh you’re aging, just do whatever you want, you know, it’s okay, you can eat whatever you want,” you know, and that’s actually not the right advice.

Mitali: It’s not the good attitude. Yes, yes, because what you do throughout your life impacts how you age, right. So, that healthy aging is very important right, and you need to continue to do that and that needs to become a way of life. So, you enjoy putting the nourishing foods in your body that makes you feel vibrant, make you feel vital, right. And so, you are not going just because something looks good or tastes good, you know, that has become a habit, but you eat out of nourishment, you want to give the best shot to your body for longevity. It’s not about how long you live, it’s about how healthy you live. You want to be healthy senior, or you want to live long, but you want to live healthy as well, so you can enjoy your life.

Chris: Yeah, that should be on the wall at everyone’s home, you know.

How quickly will someone’s health improve with a proper diet and nutrition, how fast are you seeing everyone when you start making the changes that you’re implementing?

Mitali: Yeah, so, we make it very simple for our clients, so they start to see a difference, they start to perk up within a week to 10 days.

Chris: 10 days! Wow! And this is just nine out of ten you told us in the beginning of the podcast, where you see a lot of your clients do this by just making a simple change by, you know, following the instructions that you’re giving. I know I see myself is that I only will see results if I stick to a plan, but it’s got to be a healthy plan, and stick to it, you know, never divert and then you’ll start to see the results.

Mitali: Correct. And one more point I want to add here Chris, just like you said, stick to the plan, right. So, I don’t leave my clients to willpower only. So, the natural remedies and the nutritional supplements that we give, it kind of fills the gap and replenishes you with things that you might be so deficient in, and those deficiencies or imbalances may be causing those cravings. Like I said, those bad bugs may be causing the craving. So, we don’t leave you with willpower. Like, this is your plan and that’s it, good luck.

Chris: So, you’re telling the bugs in our body will tell us we crave sugar?

Mitali: Yeah. So, bad bug one example is Candida. If you have an overgrowth of Candida in your body, you’re totally going to crave refined carbs and sugar. So, it’s not like I give you a plan and good luck, right. We need to see what’s going on, what’s causing those cravings.

Chris: How would I find out if I have Candida?

Mitali: So, first of all we do a thorough clinical assessment, that’s our functional nutrition assessment that we do. And like I said, first we do the diet, we clean out your diet, we give you the support with the natural remedies and professional supplements. That’s your support we give you. It’s like a training wheel while you’re learning to ride the bike.

So, we give you that support okay, so you’re not just left with willpower. So, if you have overgrowth of Candida and we just give you, “Hey! This is your diet; you should cut out sugar,” in two days you’re going to fail. You’re gonna fail! Because those problems starting to take over. But we give you the support that help you stick to your plan. That’s the beauty of it.

So, my clients do not suffer through it, and they are able to within a few days, they are able to just very easily stick to that plan. And we also gave through our, we have an app, there’s an app that my patients download on their phone, and we give them daily support and accountability actually.

Chris: Oh, that’s wonderful. I know it’s important. I think a lot of the seniors, they feel like that their habits and their things should stop. But like we said, it’s how we’re living, what we’re putting in our body, is what we look like, it’s how we feel. So, I want to make sure our viewers and our listeners connect with you and learn more and understand really the value of our discussion today.

How can someone actually learn more about you?

Mitali: So, they can easily go to my website, which is www.integrativenutritionmichigan.com. Go to my website and then you can read about all of our services and then if you want to talk to me, we do have a 15-minute complimentary discovery call for anyone who wants to further talk to me. They can sign up for a discovery call through our website www.integrativenutritionmichigan.com. It’s all one word. If you go to that website and sign up for the discovery call, you can chat with me. And then do follow us on our social media handles. holistichealing_mitali is our Instagram. I’m LIVE every Wednesday at 9.00 PM. We have several programs, we do group classes, master classes. So, stay in touch and follow us on our social media. Facebook is VitalityNutritionLLC and Instagram is holistichealing_mitali.

Follow us for all of those updates, and we have newsletters, we have weekly things like recipes, healthy holistic recipes, gut friendly recipes, we share every other day we are sharing a video or a recipe.

Chris: We just today in our kitchen, we cooked a really special meal. What was the meal that we cooked?

Mitali: Yeah, so we made our rice and lentils stew, which is packed with protein, fiber.

Chris: So, stay tuned on our video, we actually we have a full recording of actually the preparation of this meal that you can utilize for your loved ones, and not only just one time, you can actually eat it, you could make what, 10 meals from it?

Mitali: Yup. You can make multiple meals, it’s one pot and extremely economical as well.

Chris: And also yes, cost effective.

Mitali: Very cost effective.

Chris: The ingredients cost us about thirty dollars, and if you stay tuned and watch our video of the recording, please watch it actually for a cost-effective meal with whole foods, greens to help you with your gut too, as well. that’s good for inflammation. And this meal is going to be life-changing you believe?

Mitali: Oh absolutely! We do use it quite often in our practice.

Chris: And its plenty other meals you can learn about by talking to Mitali as well too.

So, thank you for connecting with us here on our show, we appreciate you.

Mitali: Thank you for having me. It was a lot of fun.

Chris: Thank you.

Rice and Lentil Stew Recipe Video

Chris: Hello Everybody! I’m here with my friend Mitali, who owns Vitality Nutrition in Downtown Plymouth, and we’re excited to talk about a meal that we’re actually going to prepare for senior care industry or your aging population, your mom who struggles with getting the right nutrition.

So, what we are going to do today is we’re gonna have you watch this simple meal that Mitali is going to prepare for you to make at home. So, what exactly do we have in store for today?

Mitali: Hey Chris! So happy to be here. I’m really excited. I’m a Holistic Registered Dietitian and I’m here to showcase this really delicious, nutritious meal and it’s a simple Rice and Lentils stew.

We’re gonna use all kinds of really colorful vegetables. Over here we’ve got spinach, we’ve got green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, peas, tomatoes. So, these are all the different color vegetables over here. As you know green vegetables are very high in antioxidants, and the red tomatoes high in lycopene, you’ve got carrots over here that also, so all these colors that you are seeing, they are very, they have very strong health benefits. If we can incorporate as many color as possible in one meal, that is great. And then we have cauliflower and broccoli over here, these two are nutrition powerhouses, because they are from a family called cruciferous vegetables, so, very good for female health, very good for everybody’s health. So, also talking about other ingredients besides the different color vegetables in this meal.

We’ve got over here a mixture of rice and lentils. That already comes pre-prepared, and you can get it from a store. This over here has four kinds of lentils, so there are four different colors of lentils over here, and very little rice. If somebody wants to keep it high protein, high fiber, and less rice, this is the combination to go for. It’s got four kinds of lentils and very little rice, so that’s, it’s already mixed up.

Today we are going to be making this dish with this mixture right here, but if somebody does not like that much lentils and would like to have little bit, make it more of a comfort food, and have some more comforting carbs in it, then I have over here yellow lentils. That’s called yellow mung lentils. That is just the lentils itself. And then I have over here long grain white basmati rice.

We’ve got lentils and rice separately, so then, you can make your own mixture and keep it like a combination of how you want to mix it. But like I said, this comes pre-prepared, and this already got four kinds of lentils in here. And then I wanted to just talk to you about a couple of other ingredients – spices! Over here is the rice and lentils stew spice mix. This also I picked up pre-prepared.

Chris: Smells pretty good.

Mitali: It smells good. So, what this is a combination of is turmeric, it’s got organic turmeric in it, and then …

Chris: It’s an ingredient we’re hearing a lot about.

Mitali: Yes, and I’m gonna speak a little bit about turmeric, the health benefits of turmeric in a minute here. So, you’ve got turmeric, that’s the main spice over here. It’s the main yellow spice. Now, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory spice, and we are all chronically inflamed, especially in the senior population.

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of several illnesses. If we can eat turmeric on a daily basis that would be great. The main ingredient over here is the turmeric, that’s your yellow spice.

Then it’s got some cumin seeds. This is very good for digestion, and it’s got mustard seeds as well, and it’s got a little bit of sea salt in here. So, that’s basically, it’s like ground up together. But you get this pre-prepared as well. So, when we are talking about easy meals, we’re talking about one pot meals that your seniors can make it, and it’s full of nutrition, it’s full of disease fighting health benefits, so, we want to keep it very simple.

So, we are using fresh vegetables here, they look wonderful, but if anyone wants to use frozen version of these vegetables, that’s fine too. So, you don’t have to cut and chop and wash, because the frozen veggies already come that way. You can use frozen spinach, you can use frozen broccoli, peas, cauliflower – all of these veggies come frozen. You can definitely do that, and it’s not complicated because all you need is this spice mix.

And here is just turmeric on its own, I just wanted to show you how turmeric looks on its own and this is just organic turmeric by itself, and this has other spices, like I said, the other two seeds ground up in here too. And this is the healthy fat that we’re gonna use. So, this healthy fat is called the clarified butter. This is clarified butter; this is very easily available.

Chris: What’s the difference between that and regular butter?

Mitali: This is full of MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides. So, anyone who has issues with lactose, right so they can use this too. The water and the lactose content is very low in it, so it actually is very healthy for you. So, it’s not a bad fat.

Chris: You can use this if you’re making eggs too as well?

Mitali: Yes, you can, but you know, it’s healthy fat, it’s still a saturated fat, so you do need to use it in small portions. If you’re using egg, you can probably use the avocado or olive oil spray. Because this is a saturated fat, but we do want to use saturated fat because it’s good for lubrication, lubricating your joints and things like that, but then it has medicinal purpose, so we use a little bit of it, we don’t start using this fat for everything.

Chris: Okay, good to know.

Mitali: So, can we get started?

Chris: Yeah! I’m excited to see what we’re gonna make.

Mitali: Okay, and one other thing is that this dish can be, it’s a one pot meal, it’s a complete meal, so, it’s got all your food groups in it. This is your healthy fat. So, if we’ve got fruits in, I mean, sorry, the veggies over here and we’ve got this mixture right here, its lean protein is in here too in the lentils.

Chris: Yeah, you don’t have to have any type of meat, this is going to give you your source of protein.

Mitali: This is going to give you the source of protein.

Chris: How much you think per serving of protein it typically would be taking, say if I’m counting my calories, my protein?

Mitali: In holistic nutrition we don’t really count calories like that. We go more by the intuitive eating and portion sizes and things like that. But if you are just asking me, like a one cup portion will give you a whopping 10 to 15 grams of proteins, plus protein full of fiber and it’s a plant-based protein that will not raise your cholesterol.

Chris: Great, that’s a plus too.

Mitali: Yes, so let’s get started. We’re gonna put just like two teaspoons of this clarified butter, like I said, it’s still a fat, even though it’s healthy fat. So, we want to make sure that we’re not using too much of it. Once we have put in two teaspoons of the clarified butter…

Chris: Just to clarify for everyone, this is the instant pot that she’s using, something you can buy at the store anywhere.

Mitali: Oh yeah, it’s available everywhere. Now I’m going to put a teaspoon of this spice mix that I just mentioned it, again, it’s got the turmeric, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and a little bit…

Chris: And it smells phenomenal. And it tastes great.

Mitali: I’m just going to add this. It’s going to start spluttering, so we have to be careful. I just put in there two teaspoons of the spice mix. And I’m going to just kind of mix it up over here and you can see that it starts spluttering. Now you can see those seeds like popping up. There they are. There’s this mustard seed and cumin seeds. So, this doesn’t take too long at all.

Next, we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna start adding the veggies. We’re going to start with the spinach. The spinach is a very popular, easy to digest, green vegetable full of antioxidants. And then we’ve got green beans. I’ve already added a little bit of all of these veggies in here.

So, carrots that have the orange color, that’s full of keratinoid.

Chris: Now what specific area of the body this will benefit from. I know that you should discuss about health, it’s really important to you. You want to discuss a little bit about that while you’re …

Mitali: Specific ingredients in here, like for example is cumin seeds, so, they have medicinal properties, and they are very good for bloating and indigestion, and this is a very healing and comfort food, because everything gets cooked up and you’re cooking it in the steam, so, it’s very easy to digest. We’re not eating like a raw salad, that’s very hard to digest, like raw broccoli can give you some people gas.

Chris: So, bloating I’m hearing inflammation.

Mitali: Irritable bowel, if you have any kind of Crohn’s Colitis, IBD, that is Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  So, I’m putting like four or five scoops of this mixture, it’s a pre-prepared mixture, like I said, it’s rice and lentil, mixed already. So, we just put everything, all the ingredients sitting over here, we just put everything, and we sauté it for a minute.

Chris: Yeah, looks great and smells great.

Mitali: Yeah, it does. Basically, what I’m saying is its steam cooked and it turns out like a stew. It’s a stew, so all the nutritional value stays intact and it’s very easy to digest. It’s not dry, and we are gonna put water in it, so we want to make sure that everything is covered with water, or it’s gonna stick and burn at the bottom. So, the water needs to be covering the ingredients completely. That’s enough water. Now we just give it a nice stir.

Chris: Are there other medical conditions for that we should be aware of that our parents are having that this could help them?

Mitali: Yeah, so if you have any kind of heart disease, you’ve got high cholesterol and you want to kind of incorporate more plant-based proteins, then this is a great choice. I just added some more of that spice mix on top.

Chris: And you’re not limited to these spices?

Mitali: It’s up to you how you want to make it, how strong and flavorful you want it, or you want it not so strong then you can minimum is two teaspoons, or you can put up to four teaspoons. I put two teaspoons in the beginning. I put just four teaspoons on top as well. So, this is all mixed up. All we did was sauté everything together and we’re gonna just cover up the insta pot and it’s ready and it’s just going to go into the soup broth mode or the stew mode.

Chris: How long should we let this cook for?

Mitali: We pressed on the stew button on it, so there is an automatic setting, so it showed us 35 minutes.

Chris: 35 minutes and then we’re gonna have our yummy result.

Mitali: Oh yeah, completely ready to go.

Chris: How many portions can you actually make out of this?

Mitali: Several portions, so you can maybe make this ahead of time and have it for lunch every single day.

Chris: Yeah, great, for the whole week.

Mitali: For the whole week. And anyone with gut issues, high cholesterol, pain problems, any of these gut problems, they can all be eating this and feeling the benefits.

Chris: Oh, that’s wonderful. And I’m sure there’s many other meals as well too to be able to help with…

Mitali: Oh, absolutely.

Chris: This is just one of many.

Mitali: This is the main one.

Chris: Oh, good. I’m excited. I can’t wait to see more yummy meals that you can make.

Mitali: Absolutely.

Chris: That’s great. Stay tuned, we’ll be talking a little bit more about other ingredients and meals that Mitali can help your parents in your home eat healthy and feel better.

Okay, it’s been about 30 minutes and we have a final product. I’m excited to try this out. It’s looking absolutely delicious. Amazing.


Mitali: Cheers!

Chris: What is this called again?

Mitali: The rice and lentils stew.

Chris: Rice and lentils stew. Beautiful. And thirty dollars for all of these ingredients right here, cost effective.

Mitali: Yep, and we did the math. It comes up to about like a dollar a serving. You can make this ahead and you can have this like all week.

Chris: Yeah. There’s like a good like eight to ten meals from this.

Mitali: Yep, and it’s so filling Chris. You have this, its going to balance your blood sugar and insulin. They’re not going to have any insulin spikes or sugar spikes and it’s gonna keep you satiated for many hours.

Chris: Wow! This is great because we need to share this with everybody.

Mitali: Thank you.

Chris: Yeah, well, thank you for being part of our show. We are so lucky to have you and also our senior community to be able to have this type of resource, for everybody to be able to help their parents live long and healthy.

Do you have any final words to say before we end our show.

Mitali: Enjoy the rice and lentils stew, do try it out and let us know how you enjoyed it.

Chris: Great, wonderful. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mitali at Vitality Nutrition in Plymouth.