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Dealing with Alzheimer’s Alongside a Loved One? Advice from a Dementia Care Expert

We understand the challenges that come with Alzheimer’s, both for the individuals affected and their caregivers. At Affinity Senior Care, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact this disease has on families. That’s why we’re committed to offering compassionate care and useful tips to assist you on this journey.

Here are some key takeaways from our discussion with Lori La Bey, a respected advocate for dementia care and the founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks.

Check out the Full Podcast: Chatting with Lori La Bey, Founder of Advocacy Group – Alzheimer’s Speaks

Prioritize Safety, Comfort, and Happiness

Lori stressed the importance of ensuring your loved one feels safe, comfortable, and content. This may involve making adjustments to routines or creating a soothing atmosphere – even small changes can make a significant difference.

Connect and Share Experiences

You don’t have to face this alone. Engaging with other caregivers, whether at memory cafes or support groups (such as our Facebook community!), can provide valuable emotional support and practical guidance. Sharing stories can truly make a difference.

Access Available Resources

There are numerous helpful resources out there! Organizations like Alzheimer’s Speaks and Dementia Map offer educational materials, support groups, and more. Affinity Senior Care is also here to assist in connecting you with appropriate support networks – we’re here to support you!

Embrace the Journey, Including the Challenges

While caregiving can be demanding, it can also be a time of profound connection with your loved one. Lori shared her personal journey of caring for her mother, reminding us to treasure both the big and small moments.

Prepare for the Future

A bit of planning can go a long way. Lori recommended researching resources and support systems in advance, so you’re ready for whatever lies ahead. This proactive approach will help you make informed choices and ensure your loved one’s needs are addressed.

Knowing When to Seek Professional Assistance

There’s no shame in seeking professional help. Lori highlighted the importance of professional care and support. Lori pointed out that professional caregivers can offer crucial assistance with tasks such as bathing and dressing. Affinity Senior Care provides homecare services that enable you to concentrate on nurturing your relationship with your loved one.

Remember to Take Care of Yourself Too

Lori stressed the significance of maintaining connections with your own support system and setting aside time for yourself. A well-balanced caregiver is a more effective caregiver.

You Are Not Alone When it Comes to Alzheimer’s Care

Affinity Senior Care is dedicated to offering support and guidance throughout your journey. Our team consists of Certified Dementia Care Practitioners, a key qualification that distinguishes Affinity Senior Care from other senior home care services in Michigan that focus on Alzheimer’s care.

Witness the positive impact that compassionate, professional care can have on your loved one.

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