Client of the Month: William Marcum

In the month of March, Affinity Home Care Agency would like to introduce and congratulate William Marcum as our Client of the Month! He had knee surgery a few weeks ago and was faced with a difficult recovery, alone. Then, he met Carol, his physical therapist, and he immediately felt relieved. As William has said, she is a “godsend” and has always found a way to motivate him without putting any pressure on him. When he is having a bad day, she would be there to comfort him and give that listening ear when no one else is there.

He also has a puppy and Carol does not mind him and will even help William with the dog. When William was having a reaction to his medication, Carol made sure that they figured it out together and got him back to feeling normal on the correct one.

While she is helping him out with his exercises, he is helping her with training her own dog. He was pleased with the whole process and is even able to walk around on his own almost just as well as before the surgery. He found that icing helps when he is extra sore and the knee and leg massages help the pain and tightness. With the help of all that, he can go outside with his dog and throw the frisbee for him. When the nurse came in, he found out they used to be old neighbors and got some time to catch up, which he really enjoyed.

At first, William was very worried about his surgery because of what he heard from other people and he reached the same point as them but was far better off than they were. He says he received “top shelf care” and no one he knows has had as great of care as he did. He is getting his other knee performed on later this year and he has no fear and is more relaxed and is actually excited for Carol to come back.

Congratulations, William Marcum, on being Affinity’s Client of the Month! We are happy that we met and exceeded what you wanted and you are satisfied with our care and your recovery. We hope you have a great year and as well as a fast recovery for your future surgery.