Respite Care

A sad, disappointed looking old man sitting on a sofa in a large living room, in front of a birthday cake, lit with a 75 year old number candle.

The Hidden Dangers of Social Isolation for Seniors and Their Caregivers

Social isolation, especially for seniors and their caregivers, is a growing concern. We’re here to share some awesome ways to stay connected!

A young caregiver assisting an older person and smiling at each other.

Navigating Caregiving with Your Siblings

Taking on the role of a caregiver can be challenging, especially when it involves coordinating care with your siblings.  Although your siblings are willing to share responsibilities, their involvement can sometimes add to the stress you experience. This blog post will share practical insights to encourage cooperation, improve communication, and build mutual support with your …

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5 Ways to Help the Elderly Overcome Post-Holiday Blues

After a festive season filled with pretty lights, family time, fun events, and holiday traditions, January can feel lackluster. The post-holiday blues affect both young and old alike, but elders are more vulnerable to holiday depression. They might end up feeling lonely, depressed, and just not up for any socializing.  Here are our top five …

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