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Cancer Care: Why Hire Home Help for Cancer Patients

Cancer is still one of the most dreaded diseases in the world. While cancer survival rates have improved due to advances in cancer care treatment, the number of people living with cancer has also increased. The treatment is a daunting task for both the individual and the family. Specific treatments may have mild reactions, whereas others, such as radiation and chemotherapy, not only exhaust the patient but can also have debilitating side effects. But, with the help of experienced and qualified home caregivers, it is possible to ease the burden on the cancer patient and the family by receiving care at home during the treatment. Though family and friends typically pitch in to help when a loved one is ill, having a caregiver assist with grooming, cleaning, shopping, and bathing freeaff up family members to spend quality time with their loved ones.

How elderly cancer patients can benefit from home care services

At this point, you may be wondering in what ways an at-home caregiver can assist you in this situation. Home care agencies offer various services to care for your cancer-stricken loved one.

Help with the day-to-day needs of cancer patients

Skilled home caregivers go over to a patient’s house and assist with tasks associated with daily life. They help patients bathe, dress, move, eat, and do other things necessary for toileting.

Memory care: Medication and Appointment reminder

Chemo brain is a term used to describe cancer patients’ forgetfulness and foggy thinking. There are legitimate reasons why cancer patients forget things, such as making medical appointments, sorting prescriptions, and other tasks. If someone else takes care of these tasks, it allows them to focus on getting better.

Understand whom to call in an emergency

The cancer patient and their family members must know whom to call if they are in pain and require immediate assistance. Homecare workers are skilled in recognizing when and who to call for immediate help for cancer patients at home. They are always prepared to connect with a physician or a hospital in an emergency.

Offer transportation services when required

Home caregivers can drive patients to chemo, radiation treatments, and physical therapy appointments. Sometimes after a treatment, the patient may be too tired to go, making it essential to have a support person drive them to and from these appointments.

Provide emotional support to combat loneliness and depression

Cancer patients often deal with additional emotional burdens, and caregivers can provide moral support in addition to home care. There is also evidence that being in a positive mood can favorably impact your physical well-being.


While there are several advantages to using a home care service, one of the most crucial benefits is maintaining independence in familiar surroundings, which offers emotional and psychological benefits missing in a clinical setting. 

Take some time to discuss the possibility of home care with your loved one and explain how it can benefit them. Even if they decline, you will have demonstrated to them that their battle with cancer is not one they must face alone.

If you are unsure how to support an aging loved one, the trained and compassionate staff at Affinity Senior Care is here to help you make that decision and gain the best at-home care for older adults.

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