Affinity Client of The Month

This month, we would like to introduce Teresa Misener as our Affinity Home Care Agency Client of the Month! Recently, Teresa was hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery. Her daughter Sue has temporarily moved in with her mother and received a phone call from Affinity to learn about the care that would be provided. Teresa was introduced to Home Care workers which included a nurse, occupational therapist, and a physical therapist that were there to aid her back to her spunky self. 

For Teresa’s first encounter, a skilled nurse evaluation was done by Diane. She then met two other very important people: Debbie, her occupational therapist, and Anker, her physical therapist. Debbie came there for a consultation and was very thorough with her explanation. Anker was very pleasant with Teresa and Sue and gave a huge boost of confidence to Teresa. Sue noted that all the Home Care professionals were true to their times and were always there on time, if not early, which was really important to her. She also appreciated the cautious measures that were taken in preventing the spread of Covid, such as the professionals using disinfectant wipes to clean a pen before Teresa used it. 

Teresa needed to build her strength, balance, and also needed to learn how to navigate a walker that had wheels. Debbie looked at the safety bars that were installed to make sure Teresa had what she needed. Now, Teresa’s whole family is participating in her exercises and Teresa is excited to do them, exclaiming to her family that it is time to do her exercises! 

At Affinity, it is important to always go above and beyond for our clients than what is expected and we are so happy and excited for the Misener family that Teresa is loving the care she is receiving. We all wish you the best in your ongoing recovery. Congratulations, Teresa Misener, for being our Client of the Month!