Affinity Caregiver of the Month, Mark Campbell

For our second month of 2021, we would like to introduce to you our Caregiver of the Month, Mark Campbell! Mark has been with Affinity Senior Care Agency since October of 2020 and made a big career change before coming here. He was previously going through culinary school and was cooking in downtown Detroit. He moved to working in a nursing home environment and made great connections with the people there, which made him want to start helping others based on the relationships he made. 

Mark’s favorite component about working at Affinity is being able to create those relationships with the clients as well as their families, which made him pursue a degree in nursing. Even though he has a great time with the client, there are a few things he works on with them to overcome, which include encouraging them to eat, exercise, or have social activity. While he has a few challenges with the clients, he as well as a few challenges to face, like bathing with limited mobility, assisting with pain management, and keeping morale and spirits high, especially in times like now. 

Working with Affinity has helped Mark because we support him and can help him out in any way with the client or any other difficulty. Although he is relatively new to our family, he has found a great support system within. In Mark’s free time, he enjoys snowboarding, watching Netflix, eating, and hanging out with his girlfriend. He is probably very happy with the weather right now and is going on a lot of snowboarding trips! I am sure Mark has favorite foods that he loves to eat, but his top choice is definitely pizza. At home, it is his parents and his older brother who have an 8-year-old labrador named Levi. 

Affinity Senior Care and the rest of our family congratulate you on being our Caregiver of the Month for February 2021! Thank you for being a part of our family!