24 Hour Senior In-Home Care

In-Home 24 Hour Care is our Premium Service

At Affinity, our premium care service is 24-hour in-home care. We realize the difficulty family members who often serve as the primary caregiver may face when considering this type of care. Many family members feel they have failed if they seek out this type of care and nothing could be further from the truth. When deciding on 24-hour in-home care you have decided to put your loved one’s quality of life and safety the priority at this challenging time. It is very difficult to be a full-time caregiver for a loved one while also trying to be a good son, daughter, husband, or wife. Providing this type of care is what we specialize in and our family-owned business will treat your family as an extension of ours. Below is more information regarding 24-hour in-home care.

What is 24 Hour Care?

24-hour care may be the right choice for you if your loved one needs care around the clock, particularly if a fall risk is involved. The specific care needed may be difficult to anticipate so the caregiver needs to be available at all times to respond to wandering, helping someone to the bathroom, preparing meals, giving medication reminders, and more. For people with dementia, 24-hour care means someone is available at all times to keep your loved one safe. With 24-hour care, two to three caregivers are booked daily and work 8-12 hours each. 

When should you consider 24-Hour in-home care?

Wandering and agitation. This is very common with dementia, particularly with sundown syndrome, which can be a serious problem. “Sundowning” syndrome late-day confusion and regular agitation, which are common symptoms. Having someone available to monitor and manage this daily is invaluable. A caregiver can redirect someone by shifting their attention to other activities. This is a common technique that can have a calming effect on people with dementia.

Personal care. Sometimes assistance is needed with bathing, dressing. This could be due to dementia or a physical problem related to an injury or chronic medical problem. Someone may need assistance with toileting and/or dressing. Safe bathing can be a significant issue for many people in need of care. It can be a huge relief to family members to have a caregiver either standing by for safety reasons or assisting with bathing. A caregiver can also help someone with dressing, undressing, and personal hygiene.

Assistance with cooking and eating. Neurological conditions and dementia can impact someone’s ability to cook and eat. Loss of appetite is a common problem for people with dementia. A 24-hour caregiver can cook, help with proper eating, and provide fluid intake reminders. They can shop and plan specialty meals for any dietary restrictions. Having a caregiver eat with someone can help increase their appetite.

Companionship and stimulation. In many cases, there is a combination of factors that necessitate 24 hour or live-in care. Companionship and stimulation can have a significant positive impact on someone’s mood and wellbeing. A caregiver can help keep someone with dementia stay busy, and provide stimulating activities. Some suggestions include games, movies, or puzzles.

Medication reminders. Many states do not allow caregivers to administer medications. However, caregivers can give medication reminders or create a medication list to help to maintain consistency. A caregiver can also report any medication compliance issues. They can also monitor any possible side effects of medications.

Pet care. People often need help with caring for their pets. This can include feeding, grooming, kitty litter duty, and vet visits. Pet walking is a significant trip hazard for seniors. A caregiver can accompany your loved one while he or she walks the dog, for example, to help maintain safety.

Advantages of 24 Hour Care

  1. There can be more flexibility with schedules. As a family member of your loved one, you can decide how to best structure shifts.
  2. A 24-hour in-home caregiver will actively monitor someone at night. This can be especially helpful for people who tend to sundown and are more agitated during night hours or need help getting to the bathroom.
  3. 24-hour care means peace of mind. You know that someone is always there to respond to emergencies and report on your loved one.

Benefits of 24-Hour In-Home Care 

  1. Safety and Quality of Life. Having a caregiver available for your loved one around the clock provides an improved quality of life for your loved one. Our caregivers will establish a positive bond with your loved one and gain trust through compassionate care and companionship. The safety achieved particularly with fall risks is vital.
  2. Helping clients comply with Covid protocols. This includes hand washing, disinfecting surfaces, and maintaining 6 feet of social distance. They can also help to coordinate telehealth visits with doctors and nurses.
  3. Running errands. Keeping people safer means reducing the number of times they go need to venture out. Caregivers can go grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions and handle other needed items.
  4. Coping with social isolation. This is where our caregivers shine. Social isolation and loneliness are a big concern during the coronavirus pandemic. This means the loss of contact with family and friends. 24-hour in-home caregivers can help older adults stay connected using Facetime, Zoom, and other technologies. Caregivers can also provide activities and companionship using puzzles, games, conversation, and safe walks in the fresh air.
  5. Fears and anxieties. Fear and anxiety are normal responses to this type of high stress. Many older adults rely on limited news sources for their information and some coverage can cause more stress. Caregivers can help soothe anxieties by keeping people up to date in a more calming fashion. For loved ones that have memory problems, this can be a challenge. People may ask over and over again why they have to stay home and what these restrictions mean. Caregivers can use strategies such as placing written reminders throughout the home.

Surveys show time and time again that as people age, they want to remain in their own homes. The need for care can happen incrementally or all at once. Knowing your options and being prepared can help you make the best choice for your loved one. If at all possible, don’t wait for a crisis to occur! Then when the time comes, you will make the best and safest choice for your family member. 

Our number one priority is the care and safety of your loved one. This is why we begin with a free virtual or in-person consultation followed by a free in-home safety check. Every situation is different and we will provide a customized program for you to consider after determining our service would be a great match for your needs. Our owner, Chris Zayid, will provide his direct mobile number in the event you have any questions, concerns, or just need to talk. Find out more by visiting our recently updated website at www.affinityseniorcare.com or you can contact Chris directly at chris@affinityseniorcare.com or 248.363.8430.